Nature's Natives® is a simplified representation of how nature works.
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Scientists are uncertain to what extent climate change will affect our next generation(s).  

Current research indicates that unfortunately, the news is not encouraging. Many more strategies need to be implemented to protect our natural resources (air, water, soil and oceans). These resources are necessary for maintaining a sustainable quality of life and health. 

The goal of Nature's Natives®  is to promote appreciation and consideration of our natural resources, as they profoundly affect our air, food, water and climate. 

Nature's Natives® guides children to environmental literacy with friendly cartoon characters that teach easy-to-understand lessons. Explore our life-support systems (breathing, eating, drinking water and climate) and compare them to the intricate workings of nature. Securing these fundamentals by middle school help students understand the interconnection of classroom education with real life environmental challenges.
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of Air, Water, Food and Climate.
It is About Air, Food, Water and Climate...for Today and Tomorrow

Make Environmental Literacy a Priority! 
Sam Sun
Ozzie Ozone
Ollie Oxygen
Carlos Carbon Dioxide
Baxter Bacteria
Ina Iron
Caryn Carbon
Maria Magnesium
Wanda Water
Carol Calcium