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Nature's Natives® is a simplified representation of how nature works.
It is About Climate, Food and Water...for Today and Tomorrow

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Nature's Natives® Weather, Climate and You! An introduction 
to the Climate Change conversation
Nature's Natives® Weather, Climate and You! is an introduction to the climate change conversation...for children. 
Nature's Natives® are cartoon characters of atoms and molecules. Take a look at how Earth works, the parts we see and the parts that we don't see. See the water cycle where we get the water we drink. See the nutrient cycle where we get our nutritious food. The greenhouse effect is how Earth is warmed.
See how nature's systems and cycles connect to each other, our health and weather and climate
After all, you can't fix something if you don't know how it works. 
   Board Game Downloads
Have fun moving around the board with Nature’s Natives® while learning about nature’s systems and cycles. These elementary games peek into the invisible world around us that supply our water to drink, food and nutrition to eat, oxygen to breathe, and how our planet is warmed. 

Nature's Natives® Weather, Climate and You!
Nature's Natives® Water Cycle Game
Nature's Natives® Greenhouse Effect Game
Nature's Natives® Photosynthesis Game
Nature's Natives® Nutrient Cycle Game
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