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Nature's Natives® is a simplified representation of how nature works.
Climate change promises to be a life-long educational process for the next generation. 

Be proactive and guide your children’s future with Nature’s Natives®, Weather, Climate and You! -- an introduction to the climate change conversation for children. 

Nature’s Natives® cartoon characters introduce basic climate vocabulary, fundamental health connections and Earth’s systems and cycles. Nature’s Natives® offers compelling and easy-to-understand material for young people…they are the future!
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How many days can we go without water? Where is our water supply? Why should we conserve water? Wanda Water answers these questions and more in this kid-friendly illustrated book.

Help children of all ages explore the connections between our health and the water that is above, on and below the ground.

Nature's Natives® Water Needs, Supplies and Conservation provides entertaining educational material that keeps children in touch with the balance of nature.
Be proactive to ensure that our children connect the dots between nature and our basic human needs like our air, food and a livable climate. Nature’s Natives®, Plants. Photosynthesis and You! offers compelling and easy-to-understand material for young people that explains these connections.  

Our next generations will be responsible for making major environmental decisions.

Let us prepare our young people. We cannot expect our children to fix something if we do not teach them how it works. Nature’s Natives® offers a strong foundation for basic understanding of how Earth and life-essential biological connections work.

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It is About Our Water, Food and Climate..for Today and Tomorrow
Ready to protect Earth? Work with our planet. Nature's Natives® shows how Earth works!