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Photosynthesis starts with the Sun and a plant.
Under the ground, water moves into plants through the roots. 

Sunlight goes into the leaves, too.
Glucose is the plants food.
Oxygen goes into the air.

gives us
food to eat and oxygen to breathe.

carbon dioxide
 out of the air.
Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants use energy (from sunlight) to change carbon dioxide and water into sugar(Glucose). At the same time, oxygen is released into the air. 

Photosynthesis provides us with oxygen and food while the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, is taken out of the air.

Carbon dioxide is in the air.
Water is under the ground.
Plant roots are in the ground, too.
From the air, carbon dioxide passes into leaves to join the water.
Carbon dioxide and water are changed into glucose and oxygen.
Glucose is in our food, too.
We take 12-20 breaths of oxygen every minute.
We eat the food that contains Glucose.
All of this happens because of photosynthesis!
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