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Nature's Natives® is a simplified representation of how nature works.
Lynne Hudgins is the creator of Nature’s Natives®, an innovative environmental science educational series for children. Natures Natives® features animated presentations with live narration on various environmental topics along with stories, experiments, activities and teaching guides. 

In 1986, Ms. Hudgins created the Nature’s Natives® cartoon characters of atoms and molecules as an entertaining, effective way to teach science to children. Given the seriousness of current and future Climate Change events, It is imperative to teach children about how Earth works. The goal is to promote better understanding of current environmental events and solutions. 

It is About Climate, Food and Water...for Today and Tomorrow
Nature's Natives® provides a unique vehicle for understanding the basics of nature’s environmental systems and cycles. These characters deliver much-needed information about how we are linked to our environment. Her goal is to educate children and adults to develop a lifelong awareness of our connections to the environment so that informed decisions can be made to address current and future environmental challenges. 

Ms. Hudgins has educated thousands of children in the South Florida area by presenting her Nature’s Natives® animations to school age audiences. Her presentation topics include, Weather, Climate and You!, Breathe, Eat & Photosynthesis, Water Needs, Supplies & Conservation, Wash your Hands and How Earth Works and Why We Care.

She has shared her work throughout the Miami-Dade and Broward Public Library Systems, the Deering Estate - at Cutler, The Girl Scout’s Camp Choee, numerous elementary schools, The Miami Children’s Museum, The Art Studio Miami, Dade County Science Teachers Association, Dade County’s S.W.A.T (Science With a Twist), and as a guest speaker at Miami-Dade College. She continues to make presentations to various organizations and civic clubs such as the South Miami Rotary Club and is a co-sponsor with Broward County, P3 Eco-Challenge. 

Ms. Hudgins has been a Volunteer Director for CLEO Teachers Network (Climate Leadership Education Opportunities).
Ms. Hudgins has received an Outstanding Service Award from Dade County Extension Service and a “Promoting Environmental Awareness” award from Sweetvine and Miami-Dade County. She has received special recognition from the CLEO Institute and won first prize for her poster design for ALIANZA, a Los Angeles County Latino caucus on HIV/AIDS.

Lynne is a resident of Cutler Bay, Florida where she has lived since 1977. She raised two children who are now adults with families of their own. Lynne earned her BA in art from the University of Miami.